Auto-Assemblage is an ongoing series of works (started in 2016) that are the result of an evolving eco-system between studio material, computer program and artist. The work involves using spare parts, scrap and accumulated material in the studio; selected elements from this archive are drawn up as 3D models using computer aided design software. Once a piece of material is drawn it is then connected to another, developing and growing into a connected ‘mass’.
Various rules and instructions are coded in this process through using both software physics (density, solidity, affect of gravity etc) and random co-ordinate generation in order for the computer to create the object. By structuring these variables in this way, the process is akin to placing the artist as technician for the machine.

This hyrbid digital models are then used as ‘guides’ for making them out of the original material in as close an aproximation as that which hand manufacture will allow.
As the material in the studio changes at any one time, and new instructions/rules are developed, the resulting artworks continue to develop in unexpected ways.